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5 Inexpensive Storage Containers to Keep Your Pantry Organized!

Pantry storage containers are all the rage on social media platforms like TikTok and Pinterest. You have probably seen numerous perfectly organized pantries filled with aesthetically pleasing canisters holding dry goods. Have you been wondering how to imitate the look in your own home while staying on a budget? If so, you’re in the perfect place because I’ve done the research for you!

Here are my favorite & inexpensive go-to storage containers to keep your pantry organized:

Product #1: OXO 20-Piece POP Container Set

This 20 piece set was an immediate addition to my list. Not only are they one of the top most trending products to have, but they are also airtight. An airtight seal is an important feature for keeping all your dry-goods fresh over time. Another great feature: they’re easily stackable! Being able to stack them makes this set perfect for apartments and homes with smaller kitchens. This helps to save much needed space for other items. You may not need a full 20 piece set immediately, but by being stackable this sustainable set can grow with you and your kitchen needs!

Product #2: Wire Baskets

It’s very likely that you have items in your pantry that aren’t dry goods or not designed to fill a container like the previous set. Wire baskets are perfect for miscellaneous snacks, baked goods, fruits, and vegetables. Most basket options also come with handles and are deep enough to hold all your various odds and ends. They also come in various sizes to fit into those awkward spaces in your kitchen or pantry.

Product #3: Stackable Can Rack Organizers

Storing canned goods is always a hassle. They can take up a whole shelf in your pantry even when double stacked. A stackable can rack organizer is a great solution! These racks can hold cans of various sizes and you can organize your cans by the purpose and their contents. These racks also give you additional space for other items needing to be stored in the same space.

Product #4: Adjustable Door Racks

One way to increase your pantry space is by hanging the rack to the inside of your pantry door or by mounting it to a wall within a walk-in pantry space. These racks can hold anything from bottles of wine to baking supplies. They are one of the only ways to truly increase your space and are pretty easy to assemble!

Product #5: Stackable Plastic Bins

What is great about stackable bins is their versatility and sleek look. You can store an array of items in these bins such as cleaning supplies, dry goods, cans, and pet supplies. Also these bins are typically deep, which can help you keep miscellaneous pantry items up off the floor. They are also great for maintaining your organizational system because of their modular look, as well as ease of labeling.

It is not always easy to maximize the space you have in your kitchen pantry, while maintaining a decent organizational system. Luckily, these wonderful storage products can assist you in doing just that while also allowing you to organize all your pantry items. Check out some of these great storage options today to stay on budget and on trend. Happy organizing!

Until next time, Stress Less and Be Blessed!

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