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Home Office Hero: 3 Everyday Documents to Shred for an Organized Office

One of the toughest parts of the house to keep organized, that you may not think of, is the home office. While your first thoughts may be the kitchen or bathroom, many people underestimate the amount of clutter that can accumulate in a home office. The reason for all the dysfunction? Documents of course! Documents and paperwork can quickly pile up in all areas of the office and eventually go untouched for months at a time. We are all aware of the importance of shredding sensitive pieces of information such as credit card statements and papers related to taxes. However, one of the best ways to keep your home office free of clutter is to shred everyday documents and recycle the scraps.

Below is my recommended list of 3 everyday documents you should shred to keep your home office nice and tidy:

#1:Junk Mail

I think everyone can agree that we get a ton of junk mail every day. The main reason you should shred it instead of simply throwing it away, is because many companies use your personal data in their mailers and credit card offers. Shredding it will ensure your private data stays safe while minimizing a daily source of clutter. It’s a win win!

#2: Travel Documents

Though you may not realize it, travel documents, such as itineraries and boarding passes, can contain lots of sensitive information. Aside from contact information, rewards information can be used to gain access to monetary accounts through re-booking previous accommodations. Also, boarding passes specifically have QR codes that contain more personal information than other documents. With this being said, identity thieves can leverage sensitive data if these documents are not properly disposed.

#3: Old Bank Documents

Most people feel it is a good idea to keep all bank documents to reference or use in the future, but this can be dangerous to an extent. While most banks have moved to digital statements, it’s likely that you have old documents laying around. Any old bank documents that can be accessed online or by the institution should be shredded regularly. Like the previously mentioned documents above, these types of papers also hold a great amount of sensitive personal information that can land into the wrong hands if not shredded. Help prevent the threat of your identity being stolen, and the build up of clutter, by shredding these documents as soon as they are no longer needed.

You have enough work to get done already, cross de-cluttering off your list by regularly purging these documents! When in doubt, the safest bet is to shred it. Not only for your safety, but to also maintain a comfortable and organized home office. Happy shredding!

If you are not sure where to begin on getting rid of old documents, Revive Professional Organizing offers document control services, click here to schedule a consultation today!

Stress less and be blessed!

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