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The Beauty of Color-Coding

Being a professional organizer has brought me to realize the satisfaction in the details. By details, I mean breaking everything down and condensing into a smaller category. More specifically, when I am organizing a client’s closet and wardrobe, I always prioritize accessibility and convenience; and the same with myself. While there are so many different ways I go about organizing a closet, my favorite technique, hands down, is color-coding!

I love color-coding as a part of my organizational system because it instantly narrows down my wardrobe! Yes, I am the stereotypical female that takes 3 hours to choose an outfit, so color-coding my clothes allows me to easily eliminate options, based on the outfit of the day! We’ve all been invited to a color-themed event that requires a little extra effort to create; this is why I love being able to open up my closet and visually compartmentalize my wardrobe. Breaking down my clothes by color also reduces my frustration that comes from having way too many options to choose from. I can think of so many instances I’ve wanted to scream because I had no idea what I wanted to wear. While having lots of clothes may be a great thing, being as indecisive as me will make you want to pull your hair out! Separating them by color forces me to choose a color that I want to wear first, then choosing which pieces I want to wear.

Since I’ve started to color-coordinate my own clothing, it has made my closet tremendously more efficient to use. Visually seeing my clothes by color allows me to maintain my organizational system and the flow of how I make my selections. For me, it’s a constant reminder to put things back in their designated places, which helps prevent mixing and disorganizing the closet. And while we may not even realize it, color-coding gives the illusion that you have more clothes to choose from than you may think. For example, I own tons of black clothes and often use to look over a lot of options because they would get mixed in with everything else. However, once I grouped everything by color, I felt as if I had so many more options because I could see everything all together. It’s funny how our brains interpret the same ideas differently based on how they are presented.

Surely I could ramble on about the advantages of color-coding my clothes, but in the end I love it because it satisfies my soul. As stated earlier, I am very OCD when it comes to organizing and breaking things down. I have discovered this burning need I have for subcategories. I like to keep my closet organized by season, long/short sleeves, and color. I have peace of mind knowing that my closet is at its simplest form on a daily basis. Now, I know you may be thinking I am able to easily maintain this technique because I’m an organizer. While that may be partially true, the number one reason that pushes me to keep it up is the fact that I genuinely enjoy taking the time to separate each item. It’s a relaxation method for me; it's as if I am in love with the aesthetic of both physically and visually color-coordinating my closet! Not to mention focusing on intricate details is a great way to exercise your brain; after all, I am always open to gaining a little extra brain power every now and then.

While my goal is to shed some more light on the beauty of color-coding, I fully understand that this may not be everyone’s strong suit! It may not be for everybody, but if you’re looking to try a new organizational system, this could be very helpful, as well as satisfying!

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Until next time, Stress Less and Be Blessed!

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