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5 Reasons You Should Meal Prep

Whether you are changing your diet, always on-the-go, or simply despise cooking, meal prepping can be both beneficial and convenient to almost any lifestyle there is! Check out these five helpful reasons why meal prepping may be the best choice for you!

1. Encourages Cleaner Eating

While you may not realize it, meal prepping indirectly influences healthy eating choices. “How”, you ask? The portion-control containers used to store each meal have designated spaces. Though there are tons of different containers, most of them consist of a large space (for the protein), and a smaller space on the side (for your veggies). The visual depiction of each part of your meal, alone, helps you to choose foods that tend to be more nutritious. Who knew something as simple as separating the container itself could have an impact on what goes in it?

2. Consistent Portion Control

I think the best part about meal prepping is its consistency, and the idea of having a routine for your eating habits. As I mentioned above, most meal prep storage ware is already compartmentalized, making it super easy to keep up with how much of each food group you are eating, as well as calorie intake. This comes in handy for those who are watching their diet (weight gain & weight loss), for people who have complex diets with strict needs, and simply those who want to gain a more beneficial eating habit. We can’t forget about the picky eaters! Meal prepping makes a huge difference if you are someone who has trouble eating the correct foods or even if you don’t eat a lot. I know, personally, I often forget to eat throughout my busy days so meal prepping allows me to eat a full, nutritious meal and continue with my day’s work.

3. More Money, Honey!

If you’re like me and wait until the last minute to decide what to eat for lunch or dinner, then you are probably spending way too much money on food everyday. By having a week’s worth of lunch and dinner meals at your fingertip, you can be sure that the burden of having to grocery shop, cook, or buy takeout will be lifted from your shoulders! For example, on average, it costs between $35- $60 for ingredients to batch-cook your meals. When you think about getting 10-14 meals out of each batch, this is an amazing way to save money. Even if you choose to pay for meal prep services, you are still saving much more on food, than you would eating out everyday. I, like I’m sure most of you do, love finding ways to decrease my spending, and meal prepping is definitely in my top five list!

4. Complex Diets Made Simple

In 2021, there are so many new diet trends: from pescatarian to keto, paleo, and vegan. Since a lot of these diets require more effort and thought to each meal, it can become very time consuming and hard to maintain. This is where meal prepping comes in as the superhero, designed to help you stay dedicated to your diet, with minimal disruption to your everyday life! You won’t have to worry about cooking a lengthy meal after a long day of work; thus, you’re able to go home, heat up your meal, and enjoy the delicious food that comforts you best. It can be as easy as choosing some of your favorite meals within your diet each week and batch cooking them every Monday; this way you aren’t pressured into breaking your eating routines!

5. Eliminates Food Waste

Since meal prepping is already portion controlled, it is very easy to measure and cook only what is needed for each meal. As a result, the amount of food waste is tremendously cut. If you are dedicated and consistent with eating your meal preps each day, you are greatly reducing the amount of left-overs created each day. Furthermore, since your portions are the same for each meal, you are almost, entirely eliminating the waste being thrown away after eating. Meal prepping also helps you to spend money only on what you are actually eating, as well as doing your part as a considerate humanitarian!

While there are so many more benefits of meal prepping, these are some of my favorite reasons to recommend it to my clients. It doesn’t matter if you’re a busy mother, college student, or a terrible cook; the benefits remain the same for everyone! I support anything that helps reduce stress and maximizes personal productivity, which is why I would recommend it to any client.

Are you interested in meal prepping but not sure how to start your experience? Click here to book and to learn more about Revive’s Meal Prep services!

Until next time, stress less and be blessed!

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